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I have been self-reflecting for some time now. Lately it’s been weekly, some may say “why weekly and not a few times in a year?” My honest answer would be “I don’t know, it just happens organically.” I feel like I am at a place in my life where I am happy and excited about the woman I am becoming. I am in my early 30’s and I feel so much happier mentally!  Although I am not where I want to be, but definitely not where I used to be. I remember turning 29 and acknowledging the weight on my shoulders were heavy, I could not keep going like this. There was some much going on in my life and I did not know how to balance it, It was easier said than done. Looking back, one thing's for sure is that time will tell. No one really discusses the process of it all and identifies time as the sole proprietor and leading factor. There is no manual to life, only the experience of others that can be utilized to guide you. Someone once told me in college if you do not like it, you have the power to change it. I did just that. I am the driver. Yes, I belong in the driver seat, this is my life. I am in control. This is my Story. Yes! My journey began at the age of 30. Late? Maybe. Just the other day, I was driving and started reminiscing and all I could hear in my spirit is “Wow, wow” as I am shaking my head with unspeakable joy. I smiled and said, “Thank you Jesus” and kept moving. That’s huge for my person. I am no longer a slave to self-pity. I celebrate myself more now than ever, with a reminder of where I was, who I am and where I am going. I change the narrative to what I hope to become. I am making progress and that is huge for me. As I am writing, I feel like breaking out in a Praise  It does not matter what age you start, just start Sis! I hope my journey inspires you, we all can uplift one another. Everyone has their own story, I want to hear from you please comment below. #self-reflecting #sistercrownpodcast

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