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Sisters Crown® LLC Coaching 

Bilqees Asunramu-Idiake



Sisters Crown® Coaching is for all women, who are ready to build


Queen, It's time to straighten your crown. Your Breakthrough is NOW.


Sisters Crown™ Coaching is a safe place to discover your purpose, passion, to unlock your true potential. Our Coaching Sessions are to EMPOWER, UPLIFT, MOTIVATE, PUSH you into manifesting the life you desire. Our Breakthrough Coaching sessions are well rounded, each session is specifically tailored to you, what you can expect from our session:

When you work with me, you will


  • ​Increase self-confidence

  • Increase self-esteem

  • Unlock your God-given potential

  • Unlock your true potential (self-discipline, fulfillment)

  • Identify what is holding you back  (struggles/setbacks, fears, negative patterns that hinders your success and  correct it!

  • Gain self-awareness

  • Gain clarity on your purpose (what are you created to do, service to people)

  • Gain clarity on your passion (what you love to do )

  • Gain growth mindset (desires for more, not limiting yourself)

  • Gain spiritual growth (build a close relationship with God)

  • Eliminate negative Mindset  (i'm not good enough, i'm always going to be like this)

  • Eliminate procrastination (time-management)

  • Eliminate self-sabotage 

  • Get unstuck, break free

  • Make decisions and follow through

  • Become the woman God designed  you to be

  • Break generational curses


Coach Bilqees partnership’s with you to clarify your goals, vision, creating actionable steps to help get you to your Breakthrough and Manifest the life you desire. Together we will create strategic action plans to stop unexpected barriers that may arise along the way. Coach Bilqees will be your ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER, it's a CO-CREATIVE PARTNERSHIP!

Your Life, Reimagined


Yes If you....

  • Ready for your next level: Unlock your FULL potential

  • Build your confidence

  • want to get unstuck

  • New perspective, Challenges

  • In Transition (Divorce, Marriage, Parenting, Career Changes..... Etc)

  • Nuture a richer relationship with GOD

  • Want an accountability partner​

  • Want to find your life purpose

  • Want to Build self-Esteem

  • Have a vision but no clear plan

  • Want to develop your personal or professional life.

  • Need help with Time Management

  • Want to get out of your own way

  • Want a Breakthrough

  • Need Clarity, on life plans; steps to take

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Disclaimer: Life Coaches are not Therapist.  Lifes coaches focuses on finding fulfillment. Focuses on the present and future turning goals into reality.


Meet Coach Bilqees

Coach Bilqees Asunramu-Idiake is a MBA-Graduate. Bilqees has a passion for women empowerment. Bilqees loves seeing women succeeding. Bilqees said "I just love to see people win, it so beautiful. Hearing their testimonies makes me awe and I start to cry...tears of joy of course (as she laughs) This is my Calling, I feel it every time when I have an opportunity to speak with different women and hear their stories.We have a lot of strong women out here. It's a blessing to be part of someone's breakthrough Journey. 


Bilqees is following her purpose to serve women. Bilqees decided join a Life Coaching Program to be trained as a Professional life coach, so she can serve her community effectively.

Bilqees is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) trained Coach. Bilqees has an International Coach Certification, Designation of: Certified Women Empowerment Coach. Bilqees is affiliated with the Certified Coaches Alliance.   

Outside of Coaching, Bilqees is a Kingdom Believer, Intercessor, Wife and Mother to two boys. Currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

God Design YOU for a Purpose. - For we are God's Handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. - Ephesians 2:10

Are you 
ready for a


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I love seeing women succeeding and now as a Life Coach, to be part of their journey is rewarding ~ Coach Bilqees 

Get Out Of Your Own Way




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