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Women Empowerment Coaching

1-1 Coaching Services: This is a personalize and intimate one on one coaching session. This session is available online via zoom at this moment. There is no in-person office visit at this time.

  • One Complimentary Breakthrough Session (1 time only for new clients)

  • Weekly Session

  • Weekly Check-ins

  • Currently offering 3 package plan 6, 8, and 12 weeks sessions

  • Payment plan is available 

Silver Package: 6 weeks ($480) $80 per session

Bronze Package: 8 weeks ($640) $80 per session

Gold Package: 12 weeks ($960) $80 per session


                                                                    ***Price is subject to change*****


The coaching sessions has indeed been so helpful to my growth process. From tackling the roots of the problems to me being able to design and take action steps towards the solution. Coach Bilqees is very patience understanding and is devoted to the client being able to achieve set goals. Accountability is very effective, in that the life coach conducts weekly check ins and is very open to improvements that would help client. Would totally recommend this life coach.

K.S., Coaching Client 

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