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Be more Intentional with your passion

When you are intentional, you make decisions and take action on what is really important to you. Being intentional means being clear about what you want to achieve and staying committed to the steps to achieve it. Many of us have a desire for something but are caught between too many commitments, which can ultimately shift our direction. When we are more intentional with that is important to us, it will shift the way we do things.

I remember back in July 2020 a friend of mine reached out to me and asked me “When is the next episode coming out?” I responded, “I am so busy, I am not sure when.” Her response was “No worries. Just don’t stay busy with other people’s vision.” She said it in the most subtle way, and it resonated with me. It opened my mind up to see how sometimes we get so caught with other people’s dreams; we forget our own.

Sisters Crown is my passion. I am Sisters Crown. I enjoy seeing other women live out their dreams. I love seeing other women accomplish their goals and breaking barriers. I love seeing other women succeed beyond the limits that society has placed on us. It inspires me and reminds of why I started this podcast. I created a podcast that amplifies women uplifting women. When I see other women doing what they love and building legacies, I am vicariously happy and want to see them achieve more.

On February 17, 2020 Sisters Crown launched our first episode, even with all the drive and motivation to create the podcast, I did not put my best foot forward. I became complacent. I allowed everything that was consuming my attention to consume me. There was no balance. Prioritizing my goals became an option, rather than an obligation. As a result, I fell short in some areas. Hear me when I say, we cannot blame others for the outcome of our dreams when we do not take it seriously. Learn to hold yourself accountable. Learn to help yourself. I told myself a month later after putting out the now last episode of season one, moving forward I want to be more intentional with my podcast. It led me to put Sisters Crown on hiatus in August 2020.

Season two of Sisters Crown Podcast returned January 2021. We are back like we never left. I am focused, my intents are aligned, and I have a clearer vision with the help of God. During the hiatus, much work and care has been set in place for the maintenance and upkeep of Sisters Crown to provide our listeners with better sound and quality. We are officially recording at a podcast studio! The success of Sisters Crown Podcast is in my hands. The outcome will be measured by the focus and intentionality I put into it. This season I am coming with life changing, groundbreaking, and uplifting content! So, join me in being more intentional this year and moving forward! If you have a passion for something be more intentional about it, the outcome will be weighed by this.

Be sure to check out Season 2 Episode 1 “On Purpose.” The phrase “On Purpose” means intentionally, deliberately, purposefully, and consciously. Its currently available on all podcast platforms. You can click on the tab Podcast on our website to listen to the latest episode. Remember with God all things are possible. Thank you for tuning in and remain Blessed.

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